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Photo diary of the monthly meetings of Carrum Downs Scquilters (at the Carrum Downs Library/Community Centre) on the first Wednesday of each month. We are all members of the Australasian Quilting group Southern Cross Quilters. The Library/Community Centre is located on Lyrebird Crescent - just near the corner of Hall Road - Melway page 100 ref: H3 (see L for library at location. If you need more information e-mail me or phone 0417263958.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wednesday 1st of March 2017

We had another great meeting in March. Lots of lovely morning tea an a special birthday/ bon voyage cake for someone very special in our group. And Bugger! I have lost the photos of Ramona cutting her birthday/ happy round the world trip with her hubby cake. If anyone has photos of this historic moment, can you please e-mail them to me. Ramona looked fabulous (as always) and it was a very pretty rainbow cake!

Dianne G has sure caught the hexie bug!  These beauties have been produced in a very short time, with some pretty fussy cutting as well. Very nice.

Also from Dianne G is this free row of the month cross stitch. Don't you just love hte pattern and the lovely colours she has used? This mystery sampler can be found on-line and is from "Linen and Threads" in N.S.W.

Here is some beautiful shashiko work from Wyn. It is looking really marvelous and we look forward to more in April. NOW I know which project I will bring to the retreat and perhaps I might even do a stitch or two - we shall see.

Marilyn W's work in progress is this cute doggy coat for her even cuter little dog. Such beautiful knitting.

Marilyn has done this ab fab stitchery - from a Dijanne Cheval embroidery - pre stamped and hand dyed. Love the different stitching - it is so lovely.

I (Helen) am working on another pattern for Craftsy. To accompany my "Christmas Cats" mug rugs for the northern hemisphere, I have designed a happy and a grumpy "Christmas Cats Down Under" - hope to put in on Craftsy by mid April.

Lynne has finished a top - a lovely Gail Pan stitchery pattern combined with some sweet '20s fabrics. Love it!

Lynne was lucky enough to win this magnificent quilt at the Western port Quilters Show at Tyabb, Vic. They did have a great show too.

Cynthia (aka Madam Cyn) has been working on this cute "Teddy's Playhouse" quilt since her grandson (now 3) was born. She plans to present it to him at his 21st. Where have I heard that before?

However Madam Cyn has completed this fabulous quilt for the same Grandson. Just what every three year old needs.

This fabulous book is being made by Deidre and her mother for her nephew in Texas.The animals are attached with velcro, and as you can see - the barn doors open up. What a beautiful gift for a little boy. So much work (and love) has gone into this book, with still more to do. I am sure he will treasure it forever.

Deidre has also been working on Lucy Boston's "Places of the Cross". Just beautiful English paper piecing, with delightful fabrics and marvelous fussy cutting.

Kathy brought along her very first pieced quilt. A baby quilt. Beautifully put together with such lovely fabrics. Well done!

Jeanette brought along this beauty. The Melbourne CBD Scquilters group - many of whom come to Carrum Downs, have put this together for Soo, the manager of the cafe at Dymocks - where they stop for lunch each month (fourth Wednesday of each month). She has been so kind to them over the years that they decided to make this fun filled quilt for her new baby - it is absolutely perfect for a baby. There is just so much to look at. It was given to her this week - with a beautiful reaction from Soo.

This superb quilt was made by Bar, in classes at the Sewing Connection
in Pakenham. Taught by the owner Sue - a very talented woman, it gave owners of the new Bernina 7 million (or something like that!) a chance to try all their stitches. Each block is appliqued using a different stitch, and the result is just stunning. Bar, of course, has done her usual spectacular job - putting her own stamp on it.

Bev, always generous, has made these sweet panels into children's quilts for Ballarat community services. It is a great idea for any of us who have unused panels in our stashes, to make a quilt or two for our favourite charity. Well done Bev!

Jennifer has made these superb Mariners compass blocks  - appliqued onto hand dyed fabric. We looked forward to seeing more of what we know will eventually become an extraordinary quilt.

Also from Jennifer, this fabulous "Celtic dawning" quilt. Her design is superb as is her quilting. What a tremendous effort.

Simone has made this ab fab baby quilt from a Jennifer Kingwell pattern - a Wild Ride. A new baby is certainly a wild ride! You have done well grasshopper! Such a lovely combination of fabrics. A great idea for a scrap quilt - or two.

We wish Ramona well on her travels - we will miss you my dear Marona xxx

Our next get together will be on Wednesday 5th of April - from 10 - 2. BYO lunch and mug. Mrning tea provided.
And just a reminder that our May meeting will be our "Cuppa for Cancer" fundraiser - so start collecting items (wrapped) worth approx. $10 for our lucky dip, as well as anything you have for te trading table - all funds will go to Cancer research. Also for May, we will bring a small plate of something tasty to share for lunch.
See you on the 5th of April,
your roving reported,
Helen Evans
Devon Meadows, Vic

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Wednesday February 1st 2017

Our first get together for 2017 was such fun. It always seems like such a long time since we last met, so there was so much catching up to do with members new and old. We spent a lot of time chatting, laughing and generally having fun, but not too much stitching was done!

I must apologise for the extreme lateness of the blog this month - even for my. I actually managed to lose the photos! I was almost ready to ask everyone to bring back their show and tell again for March, when I finally found them in a very oddly named folder. Please do not ask me how I managed that. I have no idea, but will be extra careful with next month's photos.

Jo was appliqueing this heart in the most beautiful NZ fabric. The flowers in the background are pokutukawa  blossom, and the colourful native bird is a Tui. I do hope to finally get to see something other then Auckland airport next time I get there (hopefully 2018).

This was me (Helen) doing some foundation piecing by hand - more tulips. Below is one of the finished tulip items.

Not quite stuffed enough, but you get the idea - I hope!

Welcome to the lovely Kathy - a new member. Kathy was working on an English paper pieced Blue wren. Looking great so far. Such a gorgeous little bird too.

Sandra used up a multitude of scraps, hand piecing these beautiful baskets. This quilt is an absolute joy to look at Sandra - so pretty.

Another positively joyful quilt. Bev has made this quilt for her grand daughter using 5" scrap fabrics. Absolutely perfect for a young girl. Well done.

Madam Cyn (one day I will  let slip why we call her that! ) has been making these clever Candied hexagons - remember the pattern that was in AP&Q years ago? Cynthia, you have used such lovely colours - they are looking great - more next month please???

And again from Cynthia, this fabulous stitchery, part 2 of 3, called "'Til death do us part". Just beautiful.

This ab fab bag that Shirley brought along, was much admired. It was a gift to her - such a wonderful gift!

Also from Shirley - these lovely hexies. I strongly suspect that she is a hexaholic, but that is just between you, me and her HA group.

Sally has enhanced a pretty panel by cleverly appliqueing these seagulls on adding lovely borders. I think we can tell what Sally sees out her windows each day at the nearby beach. That does remind me of taking our life/lunch in our hands when we tried to eat it in the grounds of Bonbeach High School all those years ago.

And these striking fussy cut hexies are from Bar - another member of HA, who obviously doesn't take the 12 step program seriously - and for that we are thankful. Love them!

Marilyn, using lots of beautiful scraps to make a clam shell quilt, using Irene Blanck's method. Very pretty!

Previously a UFO, Marilyn completed this UFO, using her stash of pansy fabrics - what a masterpiece she has created.

Again from Marilyn, these striking bright stars - made even better with the black background fabric. This is for her Grand daughter - wouldn't we all like to be related?

Dianne G has been working on this superb cross stitch BOM - love the colours! Also, she has finished some exquisite dragon blocks for her lucky grandson. Lovely work.

Wyn has been working on this sweet shashiko pattern. It really is beautiful. Go Wyn!!!

This wonderful quilt was made by Jeanette - it is Bonnie Hunter's en Provence mystery quilt, but Jeanette has changed the pattern just a little. What can I say? It is magnificent.

Carol also brought show and tell in the form of her grandchild - but, sadly we didn't get a photo. It was so nice to have a visit from you Carol - hope you will be back properly next week - as well as a few who couldn't make it, and one who forgot - no names Melody.

It really was a wonderful day. I came home with that lovely Scquilty feeling that only comes with getting together with other Southern Cross Quilters, so if you are visiting, or in the area, please join us next week - on Wednesday 1st March

Details are at the top of the blog - although we now meet at 10am (I haven't worked out how to change that yet!).

Your roving reporter,
Helen Evans
Devon Meadows (very close to Carrum Downs)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Wednesday 7th December 2015 Christmas Party

It was a splendorous Christmas party for the Carrum Downs Scquilters way back in December. I apologise for not taking photos of our Kris Kringle swap - which, this year was luscious food items. We also had a table full of lovely Christmas food to eat and many of us had made our Christmas bauble headbands - thanks to Melody. I think I was just buggered! It is always a hectic time - but I can assure you we did have a great day.

Dianne G made the most of her sewing day with Ramona and Gail Pan, and is in the process of finishing off these beautiful stitcheries. Absoluty gorgeous.

Carol has been the busiest of bees and completed all of the above beautiful works, including  a magnificent cross stitched Christmas stocking for her son and the beautiful Fig and Berry pattern on the hanger. The remaining patterns are from Gail Pan's fabulous stitching days (correct me if I am wrong - please), and you can see that Carol has used Gail's pattern and made gorgeous little bags with it.

Here is Bar's simply scrumptious Plum Pudding quilt - looks like there are some ice cream ones  there too. Beautiful!

Bar has also made three giant cushions for her grandchildren in England - for obvious reasons, she hasn't stuffed them - but they are sure not stuffed up - positively perfect. Can you guess their names?

This is Sally's first attempt at foundation piecing - what a project to start with! But, in her usual impressive style, she as done a fabulous job - gorgeous Christmas wreath!

A magnificent Christmas table runner here - a present to Sally from Bar. Simple design that many of us have made - but just lovely.

Cynthia (aka Madam Cyn), brought along her first attempt at a table runner - looks mighty fine! Also, a lovely Christmas decoration made from a kit and an absolutely beautiful  stitchery quilt for her 3 year old grandson - lucky boy!

Bev, in her usual kind way, has brought along 2 charity quilts for Ballarat Community Services. The tractors are perfect for a boy and the other scrap quilt would be perfect for anyone. Well done.

 Deidre and her mother were in the process of making this wonderful book for her nephew in Texas - as you can see - the pictures can be changed, moved around etc. A beautiful labour of love.

This beautiful Christmas bird gives you a real Christmas feel - doesn't it? Is it Deidre's of Jo's? I am afraid it is not my notes, but whoever is making it, is doing a splendid job. Very pretty.

This beautiful table runner? cloth? was definitely made by the extremely, superlatively talented Jo. I am sure.

The beautiful quilt was made by a world wide friendship group, which Jo belonged to. Obviously a very talented group! And a wonderful memento. The wall hanging is superb. I have noted "best friend", so it was either made by or for Jo's best friend. In any case it is lovely.

This magnificent mountain was Jo's backyard view when she was growing up in NZ. It is called Tanaki Mountain. An unbelievably beautiful piece of work Jo. The NZ colours look fabulous.

Jeanette (all baubled up), has brought along a lovely Esther Aliu Christmas wall hanging - a Christmas tree representing the 12 days pf Christmas, as well as this striking cushion from Gita Gramma's website - with splendid echo quilting - done beautifully by Jeanette. It looks like a great project for we mere mortals to practise on - hope I have the spelling right!

Fiona brought Santa with her - or a very smart facsimile of him - made in magnificent detail by Fiona herself.

Avert your eyes - please - my baubles are drooping - despite many many bobby pins! I made this apron the the Bendigo "Christmas in July" retreat - what was I thinking!
Here I (Helen) am again with my very first ever Christmas wall hanging - some buttons on the tree have suffered because one of our cats couldn't resist playing with them as a kitten - unfortunately he has never grown out of it!

This had me puzzled until I realised it was me again. Merv's cousin in Wales sent me this lovely Welsh fabric - representing all things Welsh, including bog snorkeling. The consensus was that I should not cut it up, but add some borders and quilt it.

 Marilyn made this lovely table runner - absolutely beautiful, as well as this magnificent art quilt. The leaves were made first, and she used (I think) Legacy paper(from Spotlight) to quilt them so it looks like they are floating in air. The photo doesn't do it justice, but click on it to enlarge and you will at least get a better look. A fabulous technique. Very well done - as always.

 Simone, very kindly, made these two scrap quilts to give to Bev for Ballarat Community Services. Well done and thank you Simone.

Wyn brought along this beautiful Christmas table cloth - made with her Friendship Group in 2001. It is lovely and still looks fresh and new.

This Yo yo Christmas tree was made by Marilyn L. With yo yos, it is very striking. Love the little buttons too.

Simone also made this gift for her daughter's teacher - I think it is a folder cover or a bag. Whatever it is - it is very clever and beautiful.

At the last minute I thought we should do a Christmas decoration swap - I thought of it too late for most people, but those of us who took part enjoyed it thoroughly - should we do it again for our Kris Kringle swap - as a group????

Jeanette has won the Christmas trivia quiz for the last umpteen years, so I decided to make it more of an historical quiz, as well as a bit different this year. Guess who won? You would be right in thinking Jeanette won again. Congratulations again Jeanette!

I would very much like to mention a project started by an American woman.It is called the 70273 Project. It is to remember that number - the number disabled, elderly, disliked, so-called useless people  executed by the Nazis prior to the second world war. This is the instruction pdf with links to her website:

 or you can contact Jan Mac  -   or 0418149076

 As one of many (I assume), I knew about this dreadful "euthanasia", but not the extent of it. As a non-practicing Jew, I can only imagine that the Jewish race was over represented in these numbers. The idea is to make a white block with a red cross on it. The size and details are on the PDF - it is more or an "X" than a cross in the blocks shown - I have read all the details, but it is all explained in the PDF and on this lady's website.

In the meantime- our next get together will start at 10am on Wednesday 1st of February. Don't forget to bring a mug, your and and something to stitch or knit, plus any show and tell if you have it. I don't know about you, but I have been suffering badly from Scquilter withdrawal.
Your roving reporter,
Helen Evans (Helen Riordan Evans on FB)
Devon Meadows, Vic

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