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Photo diary of the monthly meetings of Carrum Downs Scquilters (at the Carrum Downs Library/Community Centre) on the first Wednesday of each month. We are all members of the Australasian Quilting group Southern Cross Quilters. The Library/Community Centre is located on Lyrebird Crescent - just near the corner of Hall Road - Melway page 100 ref: H3 (see L for library at location. If you need more information e-mail me or phone 0417263958.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Wednesday the 3rd of August 2016

What, you may ask, happened to our July get together? Ask away, for those of us who sailed away on the Pacific Peal for this year's SCQuilters retreat, also have no idea of what shenanigans occured during July. By the way, I am sworn to secrecy about the retreat because we all know "What happens at retreat stays at retreat".
So, to make a short story long, apart from guilty looks and lots of laughter I am unable to report anything at all about our July meeting. I suspect that alcohol, satanic rituals and some very bad behaviour was involved, so will say no more on the subject except, that  wish I had been there to take part.

Now to August, where things had calmed down a just a little, but plenty of fun was still to be had.

Marilyn L. surprised us all. She has been hiding her (red) light under a bushel. You see Marilyn has been hiding the fact that she is a "Red Hat Lady" and is getting her bling (Red Hat Ladies like bling and lots of it) ready for the Re Hat gathering on Norfolk Island. From Marilyn's descriptions of her previous adventures, we suggest that Norfolk Islanders lock their door for the duration. Click to enlarge the pics and you will see just how much bling Marilyn will be blinging to Norfolk Island. Good luck for a great gathering!!!

Those of you who did the foundation Piecing pop up class at the Retreat may recognize what I (Helen) have done with four of the blocks we made. I have become re-addicted  to foundation piecing and have decided that this will be the first block of a "Tip toe through the Tulips" quilt.

At the retreat, the challenge was to make a pin cushion. This is my Zombie pin cushion.

Last but not least,by any means is my beautiful cow bag. We had a sea shanty package swap and by some (very) strange coincidence, I was lucky enough to receive the package Lynley had herded, all the way from Perth. I was very mooved to "win" her package, which was wrapped in this cow bag. Some have mooted that the swap was fixed, buts udders know it was meant to be.

Virginia's self designed king size hexagon quilt, which we show you from time time time, is starting turn into a lovely pattern. Very well done Virginia - this quilt is going to be legendary.

Here is Laurel's gorgeous "Springtime" quilt - for the Beaconsfield Quilt Show. It certainly looks like spring - so beautiful. Details on the show at the end of the show and tell.

The dynamic Deidre has finished her amazingly gorgeous African Flower blanket. The flowers are so beautiful and, there is a U tube video which shows you how to make them. Yay! Note to self - learn to crochet.

Kate has used her extensive skills on her embroidery machine to embroider this beautiful ladybird on her pocket. It is so cute and very clever - just like our Kate.

Melody is working on Irene Blanck's confetti quilt in wonderful "confetti" colours, with exquisite fussy cutting. Such beautiful work.

Once again Melody brought a long something very special. At CWA House in Toorak, they had an open day and Melody was able to purchase this fabulous blanket for the princely sum of $20. Of course she couldn't resist bringing it in to show us all. The crocheted flowers are absolutely fantastic. Dear CWA ladies, please charge a bit more for your exquisite craft work - we are happy to pay!!!

Here's a close up of one of the lovely flowers - all different!

Carol was working on this delightful Christmas stitchery - such beautiful work - congratulations!

Fiona is working on a quilt following a class at Treehouse Textiles ( love that shop!). Wonderful selection of fabrics.

 Lyn is working on a quilt from "Hugs and Kisses"  - at least I hope these hexagons are hers!

And also some exquisite work on a Hatched and Patched pattern - so pretty, Lyn.

The lovely Dianne G, continues with her beautiful knitting. We were shocked to hear of your heart problems Dianne, but, I imagine, not half as shocked as you. However, we are so happy to hear, that, after bypass surgery, you are on the road to recovery. Melody and I, in particular sincerely hope that you will be joining us again VERY soon, for our crochet lessons, and, of course, your wonderful company. Love from everyone at Carrum Downs Scquilters.

Bev tried hexagons - she has done enough. This will be a table runner - but an exquisite one, none the less.

Bev, always generous, has made yet another quilt for Ballarat family services. This Rodeo quilt is for a little boy. Well done - as always - Bev.

Simone has made this great cushion for a friend. It is a lovely gift - both front and back. Great fabrics too!

Wyn has knitted this beautiful infinity scarf. It looks fabulous on her doesn't it? Love the pattern - perhaps one day I will graduate from dishcloths????

Some dates to remember:

September 10th - Beaconsfield Quilt Show -Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre, 8 O'Neil Rd. Beaconsfield. Proceeds to Beaconsfield CFA..

October 1st (10am - 5pm) and 2nd (10am - 4pm)  Bay Quilters Quilt Show, Beaumaris  Library Complex, Reserve Rd. Beaumaris. Proceeds to Profits to Sandringham and Beaumaris Surf Life Saving Clubs

And, of course we will be meeting again on Wednesday September 7th.  Alas, I will be in Hobart, but I trust a good time will be had by all.

Your roving reporter,
Helen Evans

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Wednesday 1st June 2016

It was a big day for us all at Carrum Downs. We had a great attendance to hear our fantastic, funny and all round lovely guest speaker Irene Blanck. A few of our group had been lucky enough to do a class with her, and I am lucky enough to be doing a class at my local shop in August
Irene's quilts are incredible - I am sure we all learned a lot from her, ans as far as how she covers any mistakes - well, Irene, you are a woman after my own heart!
I will let her quilts speak for themselves - I would run of out of superlatives, in any case (and that is staying something!)

 This one is called "Awakening"

Irene almost always used pieced backs with fabric from her stash and,  in this case - left over blocks

Floral beauty

This was a challenge Quilt

This gem is a BOM called "Blooming Springtime" ( Even though I wrote blooming Spain-time! Must have been thinking about next year's holiday!!!)

This is the back of Blooming Springtime/Spain-time - pieced with some lovely stash fabric and with some cute flowers on the label.

Floral hopscotch BOM

Choc mint sunday - now why would that be my favourite (not that I've eaten one for decades - sob)

This magnificent quilt is called "Eva Grace" after Irene's Mother in law - Irene was her carer. What a wonderful tribute.

Botanica - what lovely leaves!

And, yet again a back pieced with cheater fabric, as well as other left over fabric - by this time we had just about decided not to buy any more wide backings - you have converted us Irene.

Confetti Hexies - you knew they were coming didn't you?

And what else would you back "Confetti Hexies" with???

Gardenhurst - with another beautiful curved border - should I tell them Irene?

Stone house Baskets




Clam shells

Apologies for not listing the names of every beautiful quilt. I did have them  written down, however the order got a tad mixed and up and I didn't want to risk getting "Message in a bottle" confused with "A paradise of birds".
Thanks so much Irene for showing us all these wonderful quilts, which I should mention, are all hand appliqued.

And here is our own show and tell

Fiona has finished "Green Tea and Sweet Beans". Isn't it magnificent. I just love the fabric combinations too - very well done.

A rather spiffing cardigan, beautifully knitted by Marilyn W. Great job!

These two lovely quilts, made from her stash by the ever generous Bev, who will be kindly donatingthem to Ballarat Family Services.

The lovely Shirley is putting together a beaut combination of brown hexagons - as a border for her flower hexagon quilt - which is 95" x 85" - so we didn't get to see it this time. Perhaps next time???

Can you believe this is Dianne G.'s first stitchery? All the patterns have bees in them and the bright squares set then off beautifully. Great work Dianne and also thanks to Melody who got her started on stitcheries. Melody, by the way learned something new - hopefully we will see the finished product next time.

Jo has been working on Irene Blanck's blocks ever since she took a class with her recently. What lovely work with such a beautiful pattern.

 From Simone, we have a very striking 1600 jellyroll quilt a and a beautiful hexagon block. Great work.

Kate has been busy finishing off some lovely quilts. The first one is made with a jellyroll and is a pattern from Bronwyn. I am not sure if the jellyroll is called Green Tea or that is the name of the pattern, or the name Kate has given it - but in any case, I think the name suits it very well. Kate is the Queen of Machine Embroidery and this quilt, made for a friend, has all some magnificent Oz flowers as well as some Australian Fabric that I am sure we all recognise - in fact, I am beginning to wonder if Kate has been at "The Great Wall of Fabric" in my shed!

Ok, here goes with all Helen's (my) show and tell bonanza this month - first, as you may (or my not) notice that I am co-ordinated - with both my Vic Scquilters badge and my (home made) infinity scarf, matching my (purchased) top! And I hadn't even realised - if I had, I might have ironed my scarf. Then there are my first two blocks form "The Splendid Sampler" Face book page. Next up, for the Freda Cow Swap I am running  - the first of her travels is to Mexicow. As you can see, she got into the swing of things there pretty quickly. I will put up photos of the rest of her travels, after she has been swapped with more Fredas.
While I was looking for something else in  my shed, I came across a shadow trapunto cushion, which will be finished any year soon. But wait, there's more - here I am knitting my latest dish cloth, and just to show that I do finish them i have included a few recently completed ones - one day I will progress to something exciting, such as face washers or scarves.

 One of our regular updates of Virginia's hexie behemoth - keep up the great work Virginia! A party will be planned for the eventual unveiling xxx

Aren't these simply stunning? Deidre is crocheting these beautiful African flower pattern. The colours are all magnificent as well. Pattern? Deidre? Please?

Irene must have been pleased to see two Scquilters working on her patterns. Jeanette, who did Irene's clam shell class and is now putting them all together - lovey batiks too.

Jennifer made this splendid bag - full of pockets and secret compartments. It is so pretty and practical as well. And please, have a close look at the magnificent quilting in the first picture too. Naturally, it won first prize at her quilt show too!

Jennifer also brought along her "Oriental" series of quilts - some of us had seen them before, but most hadn't so they created a lot of interest. Her Carol Bryer Fallot creation - which is just fabulous - but somehow the picture got eaten by my phone - so Jennifer - if you bring it next time we can include it in our blog.

Ramona has made this gorgeous quilt using fat 8ths from Gail Pan's beautiful fabric creation. A spledid showcase for Gail's fabrics - love the border too.

For our July get together - on Wednesday 6th of July - there will be a few of us missing - heading to Sydney for the annual Scquilters Retreat. This year we will be cruising from Sydney to Morton Island and back, so we may or may not get a blog next month - however I will be back on (off) deck for August to report on our shenanigans as usual.

Have a great month everyone, whether you are cruising enjoying Carrum Downs net month - have lots of fun.

Your Roving (and sailing) reporter,
Helen Evans

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