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Photo diary of the monthly meetings of Carrum Downs Scquilters (at the Carrum Downs Library/Community Centre) on the first Wednesday of each month. We are all members of the Australasian Quilting group Southern Cross Quilters. The Library/Community Centre is located on Lyrebird Crescent - just near the corner of Hall Road - Melway page 100 ref: H3 (see L for library at location. If you need more information e-mail me or phone 0417263958.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wednesday 2nd of May 2018

Our Biggest Morning Tea was a fun and very successful day.  Lots of fancy morning tea, plenty of raffle prizes, lucky dips to buy and great trading table bargains went on to raise over $950.00, with the help of the community centre staff and visitors.

However, before I go into detail, I need to let you know about yet another extravaganza of a meeting. 

Vic SCQuilters Carrum Downs is turning 20 this  year.

So,  it’s  Birthday Time!!

Come and help us celebrate the most important thing  about our group…….

We are inviting ALL past and present members of the  Carrum Downs group
and  ALL  SCQuilters if you in or around the place.

Wednesday 6th June 2018,
10am till 2pm
at the Lyrebird Community Centre
Lyrebird Drive, Carrum Downs
Morning Tea and Lunch will be provided by existing members. (Existing members please note - just bring a small plate of something edible to share please)
  If yu have any interesting memorabilia from Siuthern Cross Quilters, please bring it along for chantelle (show and tell) too!

Now, back to our BMT.

 Marilyn L. introducing our local MP and our Guest Speaker from the Cancer Council, who told us  about the work and aims of their group, fighting thid horrendous disease.

 Our mornng tea. Thanks to Marilyn L for organisingit all and to Bev for bringing along her lovely china and tea pots to give the show bit of class! Also thank you Bev for bringing along some of your fellow members of the Langwarrin CWA. They were most welcome and we would love then to join us in the future.

 Here we all are, listening to the lovely young speaker from the Cancer Council.

 Dianne has been working on this striking Shashiko bed runner. Very nice indeed, and we wish hubby well with his surgery on the day of our next meeting.

 Val made this delightful "Spicks and Specks" block, which will be turned into a cushion.

 Sandra, also made the same lovely block - designed by Katrina Hadjimichael. Katrina's book is shown in the next pic, along with the fabulous fabrics provided.

 Surprise! Virginia is working on her King size hexagon quilt - self designed. She is a hopeless hexie addict, for whom the 12 step program was a complete failure. Oh well, there's one in every crowd.

 This project was included  on the "Patchwork by the Sea" day held at the Chelsea Hotel by Palm Beach Quilting at Carrum Downs and Patchwork Passion in Cranbourne - bothe fantastic local shops. I know Marilyn was there, but I am not sure who is working on this cute sample. Looks like a day at my favourite beach - just near the Chelsea Sailing Club and the beautiful painted beach boxes.

 Ramona has completed thisbeautiful "See my sewing" packet designed by Gail Pan. This was from one of Gail's great stitching days. I have one which is still a WIP.

 Ramona? Is this yours too? A great scrap quilt - my favourite type of quilt.Apologies for not noting the maker of this quilt - I must have been too busy catching up with my old school friend Janine - we were both in form 1a at Bonbeach High School

 Originally this was supposed to represent Autumn by Helen (me) but looking at the trees still covered with ;eaves, I have decided it must be Winter. I plan to do one for each season.

 This was another challenge - set by me for our Monday group. (It was lovely to see Kate and Rosemary from our group at the BMT -both are long time Scquilters). It was to use up some fugly fabric. I asked for assistance and Janine was good enough to make some great suggestions - so prepare to be amazed next time you see this quilt - which is destined for Quilts of Valour.

 Janine brought along some of her beautiful work. I am a bit confused by my writing (or lack of it) about theses gorgeous quilts (Sorry Janine). However what I have written is, and I quote "Japanese fabric pkt of 4" squares and Susannah block - jelly roll left overs".  I'll leave you to work it out!


 This is the other half of the "See my sewing" packet. It is either Ramona's or Dianne's.

This was one of the raffle prizes. Put together by Jo, the colours represent the for fighting Ovarian Cancer - which our funds were donated to. The prize winner, appropriately, was Jo. Is the quilt made yet Jo?

So everyone, members old and new and visitors too, please take time to re-read all about our celebrations which are to take place on Wednesday 6th of June, and come along with your old Scquilters or quilting keepsakes. We look forward to seeing you all.

PS Don't forget the Waverley Quilt Show on the weekend prior to our meeting - all details in my previous blog post.

Any questions, contact your roving reporter,

Helen Evans

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Wednesday 4th April 2018

With school holidays, we had a small crowd, but managed lots of fun, chatter and planning ahead for some BIG days - more on that later.
Many of us had not long returned from our fabulous retreat in NZ. Those of us who didn't spend the wholte time chatting, drinking, spending lots of the shop hop or getting held up by a mob of sheep on the sightseeing tour, actually did a class with Michelle. So we hope to see these lovely bags for show and tell very soon.

Dianne has done this beautiful stitchery - the photo doesn't do it justice.

ALso from Dianne her row of the month cross stitch - available free on the web. I will get the details for you next month.

Cynthia has at last finished the final stitchery for the huge quilt she has been working on forever! We hope to see it all put together very soon.

Jeanette has done a weaving class. As you can see she excelled at it and has made three separate sections, for three different uses. We will be very keen to see the finished products.

Sandra has made his gorgeous bag. Very beautiful.

And Wyn brought along her sheep from NZ. A very cute little brooch. All who attended the NZ retreat were lucky enough to receive one of these in their goody bag. Thank you Ngaire for knitting them for us.
As you can see, there was not our normal amount of show and tell - have a look at all the quilts we had last month  just to see the quantity and quality again!

A quick reminder for the upcoming Waverley Quilt Show
The dates and times and location for the Quilt Show in 2018 are:
Saturday June 2 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Sunday June 3 9.00 am – 4.00 pm
Entry to the Show $8.00
Mulgrave Community Centre, 355 Wellington Road. Mulgrave. This is near the Springvale Road, and easy to get to via the Monash Freeway or Eastlink using the Wellington Road exits. There is a long drive up to the building and plenty of on site parking.

Now onto what is coming up for Vic Scquilters Carrum Downs :

On Wednesday the 2nd of May we are holding our Biggest Morning Tea. All welcome. It will be a fun day at The Carrum Downs Lyrebird Commmunity Centre.
10am -2pm. $5 entry fee. There will be lots of raffle prizes, our famous (infamous?) lucky dips, and trading table donations* for sale. Most craft related, but plenty of others as well for the non- quilters. There will be some fun surprises as well as a speaker from the Cancer Council to tell us where the money goes. This year we are supporting ovarian cancer research, with Vic Quilters.

*So don't forget to go through your ssewing rooms for faric, patterns, books etc that you no longer have a use for either for the trading table or wrapped for the lucky dip.

Aso coming up, on Wednesday 6th of June, we will be celebrating our 20th birthday, so members, old, new and potential, please come along and help us celebrate this big anniversary for us.

By the way, part of our big discussion - mostly planning the previous two events - but also about the difficulties of joining Southern Cross Quilters. If, like me, you no longer receive ANY mail from our Yahoo group, you can join as a member through Face Book alone. 99% of our discussion takes place on FB anyway, so the group owner, Michelle, has wisely decided that you can become a member through Face Book alone. Just thought I'd let you know.

If you have any questions about our upcoming events, please contact me,
Your roving reporter,
Helen Riordan Evans


Saturday, March 31, 2018

 Wednesday 7th Febrauary 2018
I know it has been a while since we saw February, but, you know me, I love doing our blog, but don't have a particular schedule in mind as to when to do it! We did have a March get together as well, where much of importance was discussed, and I will tell you all about our upcoming, exciting events, after I tell you all about our fab Feb day.
Pam Hammer was our wonderful guest speaker. She gave us a lovely talk about how The Geelong National Wool Museum has taken on the job of re-launching the Australian Quilt Register. The aim of this register is to keep a record of everyday Australian quilts, and Pam encouraged all of us to go to the register and put up a photo of a quilt or two, or more. I will explain how this is done in a separate post. As Pam says, the old register had not been kept up to date and it is time we recorded the types of quilts were have made and are making now for future generations. Pam is a volunteer =, who has taken on this huge job, and we thank her very much. Many of us brought along an older quilt to show Pam the type of work we have been doing over the years

Cynthia (or Madam Cyn, as she is known - she will kill me if I ever reveal why) has just started the final section of a stitchery quilt she has been working on for ages. It is a magnificent piece of work, which we will see come together in the next few months, despite her fall down the stairs on Christmas Eve (drinkies?) and her 60th Wedding Anniversary which was the day after our meeting. I have written something incomprehensible about a Hotel and Dream Lover. Not sure if I ws writing about a show or her husband!

Laurel has some magnificent pieces she has been working on from the Jen Kingwell pattern, Circle Game. Beautiful work and some fabulous fabrics have been used.

Maggy has been working on her hand pieces stars. Some lovely work there.

Helen C. has done some lovely shashiko work. Beautiful stitching!

Wyn has made this absolutely gorgeous quilt (if you are a Richmond AFL Fan!) for an Iraqi war veteran who is in hospital after a nasty accident. Wyn, this is why we love you xxx

Marilyn W has outdone herself as usual. This first quilt was the result of an Amish friendship block sway, back when we were all making Amish quilts. We should do more! The colours against the black are divine.

Here she is again with the quilt I have wanted to make forever - a beautiful Storm at Sea block. Beautifully put together and most appropriate as Marilyn lives very close to the sea!
Marilyn made this BOM with Beth Ferrier. Such magnificent patterns. Isn't it just perfect?

ANd here she is again with her QAYG hexgons. I love the effect of the yellows. It is indeed a beautiful quilt.

Pam, our erstwhile guest speaker, brought along some stitching work.  A lovely Bonnie Lehman pattern -  Four Little birds.What beautiful fabric!

Pam also brough along this quilt which had been donated to the collection in Geelong. It is 44 x 45 inches in size and is made up of 1,980 suffolk puffs. According to my efficient note taking it was made in 1980 or 1890.

Some close ups showing all the interesting fabrics - looks more like 1980 to me now.

The back!

From Val we have a UFO of a mystery quilt

This must be where I lost the plot - but it sure is a magnificnet quilt. Did I say I recently won the wooden spoon for worst blogger in the known universe?

From Val again, a row by row done at the Pumpkin Patch in Karingal. Very nice. I would like to have done that one!

Bew has used her 30s fabrics this quilt - well I hope it is Bev and her 30s fabrics. I do love the pattern and the soft colours.

These two photos are of Bev's huge quilt using Asian fabrics. A simple pattern, but a masterpiece as well. Very well done Bev x

I (Hellen E) can take no credit for this one, except it caught my eye in the market in Budapest. Believe it or not, it is hand made, and extremely intricate. Currently I am using it as a table runner. Great Christmas colours, but also lovely for any time of year.

Again no credit, but I saw this in an antique shop in New Norfolk and it had my name on it! Isn't it magnificent? I plan to hang this one up. It is so beautiful.

An oldie, but, I hope, a goody! My quilt made (and alterered) from Maggie Walker's Country Journal pattern. I made a passionfruit vine instead of the flowers in the pattern and call it "A passion for chooks"
This cow block of mine couldn't be with us on the day as I had already swapped it. It is Dora the Discow. Note how she has placed her handbag on the floor so she can do all the mooves.

The quilt belowis another where I lost the plot - however it may be Val with a Therese Hylton quilt. It is, however, very beautiful and once again I apologise.
Dianne, you may remember, did a cross stitch of the month - available free on the internet - last year. And here is this year's version. What a beautiful pattern and what lovely colour threads Di has chosen.
I have written a note about a beautiful dream catcher quilt made by Simone for her daughter, but I have no photo, so Simone, if you would kindly bring it again, I will make sure it is in our next blog - it is such a magnificent quilt, I simply cannot deprive my loyal reader (s) from viewing it.

As I said, plans were started in March for our May and June meetings. In May, we will be holding our Cuppa for Cancer. There will be our usual, ever popualar lucky dip as well as some great raffle prizes and all preceeds from the trading table will be donated as well. So start saving your change and going though your stashes and patterns for this May event.
June will involve the celbration of our 20th anniversary. It will be a gala event to which all Scquilters are invited. We hope you will come from near and far for this wonderful celebration - more details to come.'
Another reminder - the Waverley Quilt Show will be held on the 2nd-3rd of June at the Mulgrave Community Centre - 255 Wellington Road Mulgrave.

In the meantime we meet next on Wednesday 4th of April. As always, all Scquilters are welcome to join us. See you there,

Your (much) roving reporter
Helen Evans

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