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Photo diary of the monthly meetings of Carrum Downs Scquilters (at the Carrum Downs Library/Community Centre) on the first Wednesday of each month. We are all members of the Australasian Quilting group Southern Cross Quilters. The Library/Community Centre is located on Lyrebird Crescent - just near the corner of Hall Road - Melway page 100 ref: H3 (see L for library at location. If you need more information e-mail me or phone 0417263958.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wednesday 6th of March 2013

It was a great day for us all at Carrum Downs this month (yes . I have JUST got in, in time!). The weather continued to be HOT, so the a/c was very much appreciated, and we all relaxed and had a wonderful time. We were blesses with a visit from Marita, the rule steady lady  Marita brought along her shop and showed us her clever husband’s latest inventions!

DSC02291  DSC02292  DSC02293

As you can see, most of the usual suspects attended, and you can see Marita’s table of goodies in the far corner of the second and third photos – sorry I didn’t get a better photo of it!!

DSC02284  DSC02285

Cynthia, who has been very unwell, was presented with a lovely healing hearts quilt top from the group – assembled by the lovely Bronwyn. There certainly was a tear or two around the room!


DSC02286  DSC02287 

Here Ginny shows us her pretty bear stitchery, as well as her next stitchery project – both Christmas themed.


DSC02288   DSC02289

Fran has been working on her UFOs – the magnificent purple quilt was a kit bought in Tasmania some years ago – inspiring for those of us who have panels and don’t quite know what to do with them! And Fran also brought along a unique disappearing 9 patch – with the added touch of circles added. A great new design innovation – although Fran did mention that some of her piecing didn’t quite match up – hence the circles to hide this – see you can never make a mistake in a quilt!! This quilt was beautifully quilted by Kylie Cannon.


DSC02290   DSC02294

Here we have a stunning, artistic quilt from Jeanette –  Eucalyptus #1,  beautifully enhanced with machine stitching. This was made in a course by Deb Layt, who will be teaching at the Bendigo Retreat.

And alongside this, we have a gorgeous stitchery from Maggy. What a lovely design.


  DSC02296   DSC02297

Robyn was working on her Farmer’s Wife blocks – good luck with that Robyn! Although I really think the term Farmer’s Wife is redundant. As a farm girl myself, I feel the term is insulting to all the wives of farmers. Farmers wives, are farmers too!! Having seen the work that goes on in any farm I can vouch for that!!! 

Deidre is working on another absolutely fabulous stitchery – beautiful work as always.


DSC02298   DSC02299

Here is Bar’s latest work – a change from hexagons, with her cats and mice. Very cute! And Sally is diligently quilting away on her beautiful dolphin quilt.

DSC02300  DSC02301DSC02302

Here we have Bronwyn with a UFO she is finishing off – cobblestones and hearts. Lovely as always Bronwyn! And Wyn is  working on a Bargello design – lots of work, but so effective. And Di, hand quilting the fugly fabric challenge from the Bendigo retreat committee.

DSC02303  DSC02304  DSC02306

Here we have Kate, doing some, shock! Horror! Real sewing! A rare sight at a scquilters get together. A stitchery from me (Helen), that has progressed by about two stiches since it was last photographed,  and, hard to see, but some beautiful variegated stitchery work from Ramona.

DSC02305  DSC02307

This stunning centre block – beautiful needleturn work by, and here I am embarrassed to say, either Sandra or Ramona. But isn’t it just fabulous? And there was supposed to be a pic of stitchery work from Sandra, but I see alien forces have been at work, and – replaced it with…..surely not, it can’t be!!!! Oh yes, they are back, and so is the Doctor – tonight!!!! EXTERMINATE!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of which – I am sorry Jeanette that I didn’t get this done in time to advertise Olga Walters’ class on the 16th of March at Waverley Patchworkers,  however, don’t forget that Bay Quilters are having a quilt-in on April 7th. Just made it in time for that one.

I will probably miss the next Carrum Downs meeting – so the lovely Ramona and Fran may together be producing out April blog – and gosh, it might even get done in a more timely manner!

Anyway, that’s all for March – hope you have enjoyed the report of our get together.

from your roving reporter,

Helen Evans

Devon Meadows, Vic.

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Ramona said...

Helen, that applique block is Sandra's, definitely not my standard of work!!!

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