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Photo diary of the monthly meetings of Carrum Downs Scquilters (at the Carrum Downs Library/Community Centre) on the first Wednesday of each month. We are all members of the Australasian Quilting group Southern Cross Quilters. The Library/Community Centre is located on Lyrebird Crescent - just near the corner of Hall Road - Melway page 100 ref: H3 (see L for library at location. If you need more information e-mail me or phone 0417263958.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Wednesday 4th December 2013

IMG_0501   IMG_0490IMG_0503  IMG_0509

Happy days at Carrum Downs for our Christmas party.


   Simone and Jeanette signalling to Father Christmas. Laurel is a tad more discreet.

There were door prizes, and much laughter and fun as the Kris Kringle gifts were chosen.


The picture of the year! No names, no pack drill – eh Ramona and surprise visitor Lynda?


Robyn has turned this Gail Pan stitchery into a lovely cushion. She also showed a Gail Pan blue bag – but, sadly my camera ate the photo. That’s what I get for buying a blue camera!


IMG_0494  IMG_0497

Another of our BIG surprises (see Marona and I can keep secrets) was the wondrous Julie who ventured all the way from her new home in Wangaratta. This is here fabulous Ducky quilt that she had been working on before she moved. Also are some terrific hand pieced blocks she has made while her machine is packed away – awaiting their new home in Wang. These blocks will make a bed runner.

IMG_0500   IMG_0495

Here Di shows us her gorgeous summery stash buster quilt – for which she bought most of the fabric! And Wyn has finished her striking “Magic Square: knee rug which she made with subtly variegated wool.


IMG_0496   IMG_0506

Here is my (Helen’s) effort – a Gail Pan stitchery from her and Ramona’s day in the bucolic Narre Warren East Hall – done in variegated cottage garden thread. And, just in case you missed it – the picture of the year again!!! Lynda – please forgive us and come back next year.

We also brought along Christmas blocks – to be made into a quilt for Very Special Kids – actually there were enough for a couple of quilts. Fran kindly took them home so we look forward to seeing the quilts in the new year.

Thank you to everyone for yet another wonderful year – we look forward to 1994.

your roving reporter,

Helen Evans

Monday, November 11, 2013

Wednesday November 6th, 2013

It sure was a fabulous day for our November get together. So hard to believe that next month we will have our wonderful Christmas meeting (more on that later).

IMG_0423  IMG_0424  IMG_0425

Jennifer brought along her beautiful applique project – such lovely fabrics and magnificent work! Finished, it will be a masterpiece.


IMG_0426  IMG_0427  IMG_0428

Here we have Cynthia’s bootie for her soon to be born grandson/granddaughter. So pretty, and she assures us that she does plan to do a matching one. Wendy is holding up a lovey Christmas stitchery for lucky relatives in the UK, as well as a very pretty scrap quilt – pattern from Moda Bake Shop – for babies at Monash Medical centre.


IMG_0429  IMG_0430  IMG_0431  IMG_0432

Jeanette has made up a new Christa Black design for Waverley patch workers charity quilts project. In the past year 200 quilts have been made and donated to worthy causes. Then I (Helen) have an almost finished stitchery – to go to a very special person. Also some beautiful fabrics my sister sent for my birthday earlier in the year. They are reproductions of V&A designs. And last but not least, my solar powered, waving Queen that my sister and brother in law so kindly brougt back for us, after 6 months abroad.


IMG_0433  IMG_0434

Here we have a beautifully stitched rose pattern by Marilyn #2 and an ab fab applique lap sized quilt, quilted by Cheryl Prater from Marilyn #1.


IMG_0435  IMG_0436

Here is Jo’s gorgeous round robin Quilt. The theme was “Holiday destination”, and the details are just beautiful. Jo did the seagull block in the middle and her long time RR partners. They all had to use some of the challenge fabric too, and what a wonderful result. Even the netting in the second photo was hand made!


IMG_0437 IMG_0438

Here is Simone’s very first quilt. What an absolutely splendid sampler quilt it is. Simone used the QAYG method for quilting it. I think we have a born quilter here.  And Louise has already finished Ramona’s pattern from a stitchery day that many of us attended, run by Ramona and Gail Pan in Narre Warren East. It was a great day with fabulous patterns from the girls.


IMG_0439  IMG_0440

And here are both of Ramona’s patterns that were part of that stitching day. In the first photo she has mounted one version on canvas and made the other into a wall hanging as Louise has done – equally beautiful. And her second pattern was this lovely hexagon, notebook cover – so pretty.

During the course of the day Ramona mentioned how important our monthly extravaganzas were to her for the friendship and sanity they provide, and I think we all feel that way – I know I do! So our Christmas get-together, always terrific, will be extra special this year, with great door prizes and lots of fun. Please don’t forget to bring your Kris Kringle gift (home made or $15-$2o) for our fun pressie swap, as well as a small plate of Christmas food to share for lunch on Wednesday the 4th of December. And, if you have some Christmas show and tell, it would be extra special!

Also, we are asking that you bring along one (or more) unfinished 9 1/2 “ Christmas themed blocks. Any type of block is most welcome, for us to make into charity quilts.

Victorian Textiles have donated plenty of batting for charity quilts, and I will be bringing some along to each meeting for anyone who would like to make a charity quilt. Next year we will be concentrating on “Very Special Kids” (for younger children), and ”Canteen” for older ones, but you are welcome to make any quilt for the charity of your choice as well.

A reminder that the Mornington Peninsula Quilting exhibition – a great show, held every second year – will be held on the 16th –17th of November at Toorak College, Mt. Eliza. There will be traders and hand made items for sale as well – suitable for Kris Kringle gifts???

That is all from your roving reporter,

until next month,

Helen Evans

Devon Meadows, Vic.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wednesday 2nd October 2013


At last! Our meeting was held on the day of “The storm of the Century”. It was hot, gusty and just plain awful. So the dedicated few who didn’t get blown away and who made it – congratulations!!!

Some of our members had been blown so far away that they were enjoying adventures in France, Turkey and Venice. Others merely had trees across their driveways, and yet others, showing our ages here – had grandchildren and/or nephews and nieces to baby sit.

So, we select few had such a wonderful time chatting and laughing that, despite having charged it the night before,  I forgot to even get my new blue camera out. So no pics – however, do not despair and keep reading!

Highlights – Dianne’s home made vanilla slices, Sally’s beautiful blue and white Dear Jane. A masterpiece that we have all watched come together over the past many years. Big congratulations to Sally. And Jeanette kindly brought along her Ipad , just to show me a special Iview of the first SBS episode of “Destination Japan”. It was all about a crazy Japanese dairy farmer, who, amongst other things, dressed up in a Cow onesie and had all things “cow” for sale in his cafe. I don’t know! Some people!!!

For those interested here it is:


IMG_0233     IMG_0232    IMG_0348

Anyway, our next meeting is on Wednesday the 6th of November.

Be there or be square and this time Marona will be there to ensure that photos are taken and a proper report is made for the blog – otherwise it will be more cow pictures – be afraid!!!

Your roving, moo-ing reporter,

Helen Evans

Devon Meadows, Vic.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wednesday 4th September 2012

It was a fun day at Carrum Downs – we discussed a few special things for our Christmas meeting, which will be announced at our October meeting on Wednesday 2nd of October.
Also, I have a new craft toy that I will be demonstrating at our October meeting – once I work out how to use it!

For show and tell we had:

IMG_0258 Bronwyn’s ever increasing blue star, hand pieced quilt

IMG_0259 Dianne showed us one of the many QAYG quilts made at St. John’s Quilters Quiltathon . The quilts are to be sold to raise fund to restore the old church hall which is heritage listed and will be restored to its former glory. It has been the sight of many workshops and even a quilt show, so we are all keen to see it at its best. Many of the quilts have already been sold!

IMG_0260 Laurel, brought along yet another quilt she has made for charity. This one is to go to the palliative care unit at Casey Hospital.

IMG_0261 Laurel also made this cute dinosaur quilt for her little grandson.

IMG_0262   IMG_0263 Simone is working on her second sampler quilt – beautiful colours and lovely work.

IMG_0264  IMG_0265  IMG_0266
Simone has also done some beautiful felting, and made a “caravan” bag – to show her love for the great outdoors!

IMG_0267  IMG_0268  Here are a couple of things I did for the Bendigo retreat – the patterns for which were in the goody bags.
IMG_0271   IMG_0270
And here is the lovely gift the person I was secret Santa to in Bendigo, made for me. A gorgeous table runner, from none other than Ramona.  And (sunglasses warning) my new shoes – ever so comfy, and the colours go with everything! I got them on a girls weekend in Queenscliff – together with a black pair for night wear!

IMG_0272  IMG_0274
Fran’s beautiful “Under the sea” stitcheries – almost finished – love the detail!

IMG_0275   IMG_0276  IMG_0277
Cynthia’s awesome teddy quilt for her soon to be grandchild (who texts her daily).

Photos do not do justice to the beautiful shawl Cynthia has crocheted for the same lucky grandchild. It is the same pattern shed has used for all her children as well and we have persuaded her to show us how to make it next year.
IMG_0280  IMG_0281  IMG_0282   IMG_0283
Someone is working on this pretty scarf (?), and Bar made this be basket quilt with fabrics bought at the Kiama retreat.
Ramona's note: Ginny's scarf :-) 

IMG_0286   IMG_0287
More hexagons from Bar! And Dianne R is assembling her colourwash Y2K – the results will be worth the wait – I am sure.

IMG_0288    IMG_0289
Once again, the photos don’t do justice to Maggy’s winter wonderland quilt – a wonderful achievement . So pretty.
from your roving reporter:
Helen Evans
Devon Meadows, Vic.

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