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Photo diary of the monthly meetings of Carrum Downs Scquilters (at the Carrum Downs Library/Community Centre) on the first Wednesday of each month. We are all members of the Australasian Quilting group Southern Cross Quilters. The Library/Community Centre is located on Lyrebird Crescent - just near the corner of Hall Road - Melway page 100 ref: H3 (see L for library at location. If you need more information e-mail me or phone 0417263958.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday 3rd December - Christmas Party

Angelic activity on a grand scale, when Sharyn Casper ventured all the way from Numurkah to finally meet her mortal. After much hilarity we were all eliminated from contention, except for Dianne Mitchell. Di being the only mother of twins in the room! Sharyn did look a treat!

"Lovely" Louise about to taste test one of the butterfly cakes.

A rare photo of Ramonie (that's Ramona & Hermione to the uninitiated) in their natural habitat, actually doing some sewing.

Sharyn strutting her stuff - fresh from St. Vinnies.

The Kris Kringle gifts in all their glory.

One of the sets of nine Christmas star blocks which were then raffled & handed out to 8 lucky winners. Winners who are required to bring a their finished quilts to our 2009 Christmas Party!

The lucky winners pinning up their blocks for all to see! Thanks to Jo for her organisation!

Fran's super snazzy Christmas decorations.

Fran again - her "stellar" challenge quilt from her "Around the world in 20 quilts" group.

Wendy, a Christmas BOM she spotted in Spotlight and found the pattern for. Love the range of blocks!

Wyn with her "claytons" quilt - the quilt she makes before she makes the real quilt - personally I'd be happy with this one! It is for her latest great-grandson who rejoices in the name Cordelle Jay (sp?). Wyn used some lovely soft waffle fabric & apliqued stars on in bright fabric. What a great idea!

Marilyn with her felted shawl? table topper? gift for me? Marilyn made this in a recent workshop and machine embellished it. Very pretty.

Laurel with the quilt she made for her new grandson Alistair, using lovely Laurel Birch fabrics. A lovely bright quilt for a new baby.

Narelle brought along her new second best friend. He is one of a pair, made by her & her sister when they had a wild weekend! Just think in one weekend you can make a new man! Any takers for Narelle's next wild weekend?

Jo with her Christmas table topper, in great antique style fabrics.

Jo with a baby quilt she desgned from collected blocks. At last a baby has arrived to take posession of it! Jo is now poxy...oops proxy grandmother to young Phoenix, who is, by the way, a boy.

My (Helen E's) Christmas show & tell served as a decoration for the Christmas tree - impaled, as she was, on the top of it! She is from a Wendy Brigg pattern.

Now, listen very carefully (I weel say this only wonce!). This is a present for my mortal - to be posted very soon! When you joyfully unpack her, you will know who I am!

...... short break while we watch DD Elizabeth's friend Tamara, pretending to be a member of the Bolshoi Ballet, on tonight's edition of Newstopia ........ you had to be there (SBS 10.31pm)!!

Miriam is in a dear Jane birthday swap - from all over the world she received these delightful blocks for her birthday!

Kate's (on one of her occasional visits to Australia) latest work of art. Her "one fabric" quilt blocks, made with fabric that caught her eye somewhere in the UK. Spectacular!

Our darling Hilly's Christmas wall hanging from a swap organised by Karen Fail, including quilters in the U.S.

And that folks, is your lot for tonight (the year in fact) - apart from the following quotes which I managed to overhear during the course of the day. I do hope they will help to give you an appreciation for the sort of day we had. And Sandra - get well soon!

"Sandra isn't pregnant is she?"

"There are no calories on the food table`- they all fell off."

"Will you unzip me please?"

"I've forgotten my name" Response "It's Jan"

"I am Virgin for short but not for long."

"I left a needle in the binding of that one."

"Why are you two trying to undress Helen?"

"Oh my God! What Now?" "That was my accountant inviting me to his Christmas party."

"I'm going to eat these here, before I go home because I am on a diet."
"Darling, you are twisted!"

and, my personal favourite

"Are those reindeer antlers, or are you just pleased to see me?"

Until February,

your roving reporter is signing off.

Helen Evans

Devon Meadows, Vic

Monday, November 10, 2008

Wednesday 5th November

We had a huge crowd for our November meeting and had a wonderful day - next month is our Christmas party, so keep an eye for all the details on the Scquilters list. Bags were the theme for this month - I did rather lose track of the descriptions of some of them - there were so many, so apologies in advance!
This is Louise's very useful - all purpose bag that has seem many Carrum Downs meetings!

My notes lost the plot here, but you can see it is a lovely bag made with hexagons & circles

Again - lost the plot! Is this a bag of Sally's? Done in a class at Mornington Peninsula Quilters???

Shashiko bag made by Wyn - now Ramona's as well as a bag basket (I think?)

Fran's impressive bag collection!

Fran's finished Mystery quilt in gorgeous Christmas prints from Fran's mystery quilt list on Yahoo.

Fran's "retreat" bag with pockets galore

Virginia's version of Ruth Buchanan's "C" for Cootamundra

"B" for Bondi

"A" for Adiminiby

Virginia's cat bag! An old favourite.

Kate's gorgeous collection

Kate with the lovely silk print she brought back from Madagascar. The writings on this one were translated as "Home sweet Home" - but unlike any Madagascan homes Kate saw.

Shirleys collection made in collaboration with Susan Mayfiled in NZ - some lovely bags!

Shirley's wonderful hand pieced hexagon quilt, using striking Amy Butler & Kaffe Fasset fabrics.
Magnificently quilted by Helen Hayes.

Bar with some of her favourite bags, including a knitted pumpkin bag, see below!

A brilliant bag made by Sue to take to Quilt & Craft shows with inserts for just about everything - wallet, glasses, key ring, mobile phone!

Sally - a stunning quilt made in a Pam Holland "Drapplique" class - see photo!

Sally's seminole practise blocks ended up as a great bag.

A stack & slash UFO which Sally finished for the Mornington Peninsula group's caring quilts.

An impressive bag

Sue with a Monica Poole bag - great use of ric rac.

Bronwyn, close ups of magnificent blocks from Leesa Chandler's Oriental BOM

The finished quilt - which Bronwyn changed just little bit - magnificent!!!

Marilyn - what can I say? Another wonderous bag lady!

A close up of this unique bag - the pattern was a gift from Wyn.

The above bags were all made by Marilyn - or for Marilyn - aren't they lovely?

Pam's latest efforts. Wow!!

A great bag made in Susan Mayfield's class at the Bendigo retreat - not sure who by but isn't it impressive? The class involved braiding the threads used for the handles as well as making the bag, of course.

a lovely bright bag made by Wyn for one of her grand daughters

Some great bags made by Wyn (& friends) including this Virginia Enright pattern which Wyn took a shine to and made for her grand daughter complete with photos

A great mug bag that Dianne R showed - made by Sally as her KK gift one Christmas here!

Lovely bag made by Jenni Strahan for me (Helen E)

Mystery bag maker!! These bags were made as a gift for all moderators & guides by a mystery benefactor at the Canberra (or was it Sydney?) retreat. I was lucky enough to be a guide at them time! It also included a rotary cutter holder inside. Will pay in FQs for any clue as to the maker!!!

More wonderful Scquilty gifts for me!! From Fiona Dunn, Sharon Staden & Roz Panetta.

I needed to make a quilt in a hurry for a Breast Cancer fundraiser - I pulled out some of my 9 patches from Susan Britton's wonderful swap & this was the result.

Label on the back of the quilt I made for my youngest sister's 50th - using a "recent" family photo. Can you guess which one is me (Helen E)? A clue - I'm not the one wearing a tie.

The 50th birthday quilt - a "trip around the world" for my sister Sandra.

Hermione demonstrating her hexagon laptop cover.

Helen Y with her nifty bag. A really useful pattern from Leanne Beasley - you can make the bag in different fabrics and swap the handles over.

Pam's bear Christmas bauble!! A very nifty decoration.

Even more of the little bears - someone is having a very beary Christmas! The pattern is by a friend of mine - Josey Freni from Devon Meadows, and is called "Joy" - just contact me for her details if you want to buy the pattern.
Pam with her self designed sewing cushions - a great idea!

And that is all for now - look out for details of our Christmas Party on the first Wednesday of December on the Scquilters list. We have lots of fun planned swaps, kris kringle,lovely Christmas food etc etc, untl next month,
Helen Evans
Devon Meadows, Vic

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