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Photo diary of the monthly meetings of Carrum Downs Scquilters (at the Carrum Downs Library/Community Centre) on the first Wednesday of each month. We are all members of the Australasian Quilting group Southern Cross Quilters. The Library/Community Centre is located on Lyrebird Crescent - just near the corner of Hall Road - Melway page 100 ref: H3 (see L for library at location. If you need more information e-mail me or phone 0417263958.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wednesday 5th November 2014

How excitement! It was our AGM – that means, basically, that due to insurance issues we are an incorporated whatsit and need to elect official Scquilters every year to various positions.

Our beloved past Grand Poobah, Ramona Herman, has retired (for a little while) from the committee of which she has been a member since the Neolithic age. Thank you Marona for everything you have done over the years.

Our new Chancellor of the Exchequer is Marilyn L. Our new secretary of state is Marilyn W. Then we ran out of Marilyns, so it was the wonderful Simone, who so kindly volunteered to be our new Grand Poobah. We bow to you Simone and hope you enjoy your elevated position. Thank you so much.

Once the formalities were over, it was back to chat, sew, chat, eat, chat sew, chat and Show and Tell – and here it is:


IMG_1413    IMG_1415

Here, the lovely Wyn shows us the whole cloth bed runner she made with this exquisite fabric she bought while in the USA, as well as the 1600 quilt she has made for he daughter’s guest suite – a 50s caravan in their back yard  - what a wonderful idea. Wyn also made curtains while staying in said caravan, but had to leave them behind as they, too were for her daughter. What a wonderful mother she is!



Isn’t this impressive? Laurel made this striking 9 patch out of 2 and a half inch squares. Don’t you love the black background?

IMG_1419    IMG_1421

Here is Jeanette’s beautiful work on her Di Ford Mystery quilt. The centre medallion block is all appliqued in Jeanette’s usual beautiful style.



Simone has started making scrap Lemoyne stars – looking very good so far Simone


Virginia has made good progress on her neutral hexagons – the camera doesn’t do them justice, but they are looking fantastic


IMG_1417   IMG_1424

And from me (Helen) farmhouse stitchery #2 for sister #2 to finished, but yet to be framed for Christmas. Also, a raggy flower quilt (Fat Cat patterns), which I forgot to bring, but just have to add the binding to, for my niece in Sydney. Grace requested blues and purples – so that is what I used!

No pictures, but the big news is that Ramona has cleaned up her sewing room and, if her Face book pics are anything to go by, it is looking stupendous. Always a huge job as we all know so well.

Now here is an IMPORTANT notice:

Our next get together is on Wednesday December the 3rd. It will be our “All singing,  all dancing Christmas extravaganza” CDs from the official “Evans Daggy Christmas Collection” will be played for your listening pleasure. A Christmas quiz may  take place. There may be a special prize for the Christmas quiz which may take place.

We request that, as well as any show and tell you have, you bring some Christmas themed show and tell – it can be a little decoration or a huge quilt – anything you have made especially for Christmas.

We are having our usual Kris Kringle pressie swap – a gift of around $15 –$20. Can be purchased or home made – either is perfectly fine.

And please bring a small plate of food to share for our special Christmas lunch. I have plates, Christmas napkins and tablecloths all ready to bring, as well as decorations, a tree and Big Bad Merv to set everything up.  If anyone has some special Christmas decorations, please bring them along on the day.

So, until next month, when we will be rocking around the Christmas tree,

it is you roving reporter.

about to have a well earned drink,

signing off for November,

Helen Evans

from the wilds of Devon Meadows, Vic.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Wednesday 1st October 2014

It was another fabulous get together at Carrum Downs on the first Wednesday of the month. We welcomed a new friend, Diane and also welcomed back Deidre (without her plaster cast). It really was a lovely day for talking and chatting and a big thank you to Jo for baking our very tasty morning tea. Simone popped in with her beautiful daughter to collect fabrics to be donated to a disadvantaged school in WA for sewing classes and what seemed like more than the usual fun and chatter took place – if that is possible.


Here is a beautiful doll’s quilt (slightly enlarged) made by Robyn. Beautiful fabrics and a lovely design.



Sally made this absolutely striking quilt from a sketch her daughter made. It is a spectacular work of art, magnificently executed by the very clever Sally.


IMG_1277  IMG_1279  IMG_1280

Dianne M.’s lovely sister Glenys – a visitor from time to time to our group, who lives in Cairns – made this quilt for Di’s daughter on completion of her law degree. Glenys has included all sorts of fabric, relevant to Sarah’s life, career and love of travel, as you can see for the close ups. The lovely pattern is a Disappearing Hour Glass – you can find it on Missouri Quilting’s U-tube site. Well done Glenys! And in Carlton colours too – Sarah will love it.



Here “as we speak” Cynthia is knitting this beautiful lacy look shawl, using lovely variegated wool. The wool was purchased from Morris and Son in the old Sportscraft building in Melbourne – where the CBD group meet monthly.



Marilyn was fortunate enough to attend a workshop with felting queen Elizabeth Armstrong at Dymocks in the city – with this fantastic result.  Absolutely beautiful work. Marilyn told us that Elizabeth was a marvellous tutor.


IMG_1285   IMG_1286   IMG_1288

Deidre has finally finished a beautiful embroidered doily – after only 25 years. And it was worth the wait – a really sweet embroidery pattern! She also brought along her glasses case, made with fabric to remind her of her beloved Africa. And, last but not least, one of her finished very cute sock bags. Well done Deidre


Here Marilyn has assembled her lovely hand pieced quilt for us to see her progress. This was from a class at one of the Scquilters retreats – obviously a most successful one!


IMG_1296    IMG_1289

Here is my contribution to show and tell – which I took, but forgot to show and tell! The lovely scarf was made by my wonderful neighbour for my Big 0 birthday. And during the day I was working on poppies (here is one of them!) for the 5000 poppies project, which you can read about here:


Well, until next time: Wednesday November 5th 2014, when we hold our AGM. I have sent a copy of the minutes of our previous meeting (as an attachment) to the Carrum Downs Yahoo group. If anyone wants a copy, please e-mail me (

We are most keen for new people  to join our committee – a requirement of Insurance regulations – so that hard working members like Ramona, who has never been off the committee can retire for a while at least!

So, until November 5th,

that is it from you roving reporter,

Helen Evans

Devon Meadows, Vic.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday 3rd September 2014

As always it was a lovely get together at Carrum Downs. With Wyn just back from the “Quilts of Valour” conference in Las Vegas there was lots of exciting news to share – even some about the conference!

At our next meeting we will be visited by Palm Beach Quilting – for a talk and a shop, so bring along your cash.


IMG_1177    IMG_1178

This very striking quilt was made by Ramona for her son’s 21st (back in Feb. – so not too bad at all), and as you can see, was beautifully quilted by the talented Hermione. The quilt is made in Richmond colours for Justin’s AFL team.


IMG_1179    IMG_1180

Here am I (Helen), with a quilt I am doing QAYG for my nephew Scott’s wedding to the lovely Josephine, only 3 1/2 years ago. Eventually there will be 7 rows of 6 blocks. I cut out 11” square pieces of fabric and marked the stitching lines clearly, then ironed freezer paper onto the back, and handed them out with multi coloured sharpies in the wedding day. Neroli Henderson, kindly did some art work on a few blocks for me as well. I have added hearts in fabric appropriate and meaningful for both families.


IMG_1181    IMG_1182

Here is one of two 1600 quilts made by Wyn with Jelly rolls bought from Broadway Quilts in Sonoma, California, for her daughter’s guest accommodation – lovely colours. In the second photo Wyn is holding a stack of blocks from a challenge for the Quilts of Valour conference – very American themed, but very nice! Wyn and her cousin Helen took  a Rule steady donated by Marita as a prize, together with a Leesa Chandler bag (from her Australian fabric range) with matching coaster – both of which enchanted the Americans.


IMG_1183          IMG_1184     IMG_1186 

Now amongst these three quilts are two donated by the American Quilts of Valour to the Australian Quilts of Valour ( I think!!!) as well a a quilt made by Simone (the third one, I suspect) which she has beautifully made for a friend who likes neutrals – Simone used Coates charms packs.


IMG_1187   IMG_1188   IMG_1190   IMG_1189

Here is Jennifer all the way from Orange, with her “Travelling Kaleidoscopes 3”. As you can see, it is equally interesting  when viewed sideways or lengthways, and is double sided, with a hidden label. In one word, a masterpiece.


IMG_1191    IMG_1192  IMG_1195    IMG_1198

Also from Jennifer, Oriental 4, which won 1st prize at her local show – congratulations!!! With an identical one for a friend. The third quilt is Oriental 7 – once more with a magnificent panel. And last but not least is a nifty bag that Jennifer designed for her knitting with special needle compartments.

IMG_1196    IMG_1197

Here is the front and back of a baby quilt made by Ginny. The fabric was chosen by her daughter for her friend, who is a bit of a Goth – so fabric such as “Day of the dead” fabric from Mexico is featured. Despite that, it is a really lovely quilt.


IMG_1199    IMG_1200

Here is a piece of hand quilting, and the work is so neat– you will see it better when you enlarge the photo, that Donna is completing after doing a workshop only 4 years ago – that sounds pretty normal. And she also brought along her nifty thread holder – purchased at a market in W.A. What a great idea – I am not boasting, but I have two of these handy gadgets!!!

And so, as it is almost time of our meeting on Wednesday 1st October – don’t forget that Palm Tree Quilting will be visiting us – with lots of show and tell as well as some of their fabulous shop – which is just around the corner.

And, setting a new record for lateness, I sign off,

Your roving reporter,

Helen Evans

Devon Meadows, Vic.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wednesday 6th of August 2014

Strewth! Where did August go? I could promise to be less tardy with this blog, but somehow, I suspect that it wouldn’t work. This month has been full of dental adventures that I won’t bore you with – needless to say you don’t want to hear the gruesome details anyway. You are here to find out what did (or did not) happen at the Carrum Downs Scquilters get together in August.
I present here, the censored version – should anyone require the uncensored version champagne would be required.
IMG_1110    IMG_1108  IMG_1111  IMG_1112
IMG_1113 Here we are, all riveted by the wonderful Lisa Smallridge from Sunset seams. Lisa entertained us with tales of her acrylic template business – have a look at her website for more information  and tales of model aeroplanes. Lisa had a wonderful range of templates for sale and she makes them to order for quilters all around the world. If, for example you are making the Lucy Boston Patchwork of the crosses quilt, she can be of great help!
Then came Show and tell:
IMG_1114  IMG_1117  IMG_1143
It was lovely to see Shirley, who had, and I quote “got lonely for quilters”. she brought along her lovely “Liberty Plus Quilt” – made because her sister Jean had also made on. Hello Jean!!!! A beautiful tapestry cushion of a giraffe, made for her daughter in law, who is a zookeeper. And she was working on her hand pieced Periwinkle stars. Very pretty. Hope to see you again very soon Shirley.

IMG_1119   IMG_1120
Here, we have Wyn’s sock and a half. Beautiful colours and i have written “Kitchener grafting – toes!” Make of that what you will. Then we have Marilyn with her pet? part? sock – looking good.

IMG_1121   IMG_1122  IMG_1144
Here are Virginia’s tone on tone hexies – looking great, and Jeanette’s clamshells – in a beautiful range of fabrics. The delightful coin purse is from a Mai Misaki kit. Jeanette either bought or made this one – however she got it, it is a lovely piece of work.

IMG_1123   IMG_1164  farmhouse 2
Here am I  (Helen), with a raggy rose quilt (Fat Cat patterns) – made with challenge fabrics from St.John’s and Friends Quilters, made in great haste. The fabrics are more vibrant than the picture shows, as I am standing in the sun. Then. and I forgot to bring my, finally finished, one of three farmhouse stitcheries for my siblings for Christmas. Also there is a picture of our actual farmhouse – to show that it is pretty close to the stitchery, which I purchased from Bella in Qld.

IMG_1124   IMG_1125  IMG_1127
Aren’t these the cutest baby shoes? Sandra has made these for her grand-daughter Emily. They are just beautiful.  And, here we have a beautiful version of Bonnie Hunter’s Celtic Solstice quilt. A triumph for the maker – whoever she is – either Bar or Sandra made this spectacular quilt. My notes here are a tad confusing. However Bar DID make this absolutely fabulous kangaroo – love everything about it. Apparently, so does Bar, as the little buggers are currently breeding at her home.

IMG_1128  IMG_1129  IMG_1130
Here we have this monumentally beautiful effort from Jennifer. The quilt is called “Don’t Look Now” and is for her first Grandchild. It is absolutely exquisite and the detailed quilting by Wendy Watkins of Honeypot Quilting was definitely a labour of love.  Everything about it is beautiful – befitting its tiny recipient.

IMG_1133  IMG_1131  IMG_1132
Also from Jennifer – a fabulous siggy quilt from the first Bendigo retreat. Yet another beautiful piece of work – front and back.

IMG_1134   IMG_1135  IMG_1136
Now, from Simone a beautiful tapestry she picked up the kit for at the op shop – just lovely. And, also a hexie bag made from the lovely Judy Newman’s pattern, which she picked up at the Melbourne Quilt Show. Simone has fussy cut all her hexies for a beautiful effect. Someone else in our little group has done a class with Judy to make the same bag and is expected to bring her finished product along any year now – I promise!

IMG_1138  IMG_1139  IMG_1140
Robyn has done her usual beautiful work – having found this sweet pear hanger, she had to find a pear project. And what a lovely one it is! Robyn went to a Beautiful Stitches day with Gail Pan and Helen Stubbings and made these wondrous items – the wall hanging on itsbeautiful stand and the cute as cute little bag. Such a clever and talented bunny is Robyn.

IMG_1141  IMG_1142
Marilyn got this gorgeous scarf as a gift. It is from the Chinese museum at Ararat –but I am sure many of our happy hookers could easily make one. And her bag was made at the AQA quilt in weekend.

And so we are finally done – JUST in time for our next get together on Wednesday September 3rd.
Be there or be square,
your roving reporter,
Helen Evans
in sunny Devon Meadows, eating mandarins from the garden.

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