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Photo diary of the monthly meetings of Carrum Downs Scquilters (at the Carrum Downs Library/Community Centre) on the first Wednesday of each month. We are all members of the Australasian Quilting group Southern Cross Quilters. The Library/Community Centre is located on Lyrebird Crescent - just near the corner of Hall Road - Melway page 100 ref: H3 (see L for library at location. If you need more information e-mail me or phone 0417263958.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Wednesday 6th June 2019

It was a wonderful day or celebration at our 20th birthday party. The theme was Vintage and therewere a lot of vintage items (and members) involved. It was so great to have Dianne fly in from the Gold Coast espescially to join us for the day. We had two retired members who were at the first Scquilters Retreat - Virginia L and Barb. (I should add that I would have gone to that retreat if it hadn't clashed with a long planned family trip overseas), and numerous memorabilia - both family and from retreats. A big thank you to Marilyn L for the delicious birthday cake and decorations.

 Here we all are just after siniging happy birthday to ourselves and the blowing out of the candles by the three earliest members there on the day - Ramona, Virginia L and myself. We did miss founding members Louise and Sandra, but did our best on their behalf.

Dianne brought these vintage gloves, beautifuuly made, that she had picked up in an op shop some years ago. I love the littler buttons and the button holes.

 also from Dianne, some beautiful silk embroidered bags. Beautfully mdone with Australian flowers.

 It was so lovely to see Barb back with us for the day. She kept herself busy with her knitting and reminiscing with so many of us who hadn't seen her since for far too long.

 Have a look at this! Marilyn W brought along her very first quilt - made in the '80s. Beautifully made, as always, but don't you jusy love that mission brown?

 Virginia L brought along a rare item - her signature quilt  from tha first Scquilters retreat - held in Brisbane in April 1998. It was so interesting looking at the names on the quilt.

 Also, from the first retreat, Virginia brought along alittle swap/challnege that was decided by a small group who ate out on the day after the retreat. It was called the "Last Supper" challenge and they happened to notice a Brisbane icon that looked a little like the Eifful tower - hence the subject of their challenge. This one was made by Virginia, in beautiful glittering threads. This reminds myself (and Ngaire) of our one on one challenge to make a quit in blacks and whites - a nod to the All Blacks! Better get a move on for May 2019 at Uluhru.

Not sure where this one came from, but it is so sweet.

Hermione brought along her latest knitting project. Enlarge the pic and have a look - so interesting - just like Hermione x

Deidre brought along two beautiful family heirlooms, which were given to her as wedding gifts by family members. A wonderful tradition.

Super Sally made this elephant when she was only 9years old. Whilst sick in bed, she saw the project in the Womens Weekly and made a list for her mother to buy all the necessary items. It has lasted the test of time well - just like our Sally.

Jeanette resurected an old Japanese pattern and remade it. such a stunning quilt in amazing fabrics.

A very busy table it was!

Bev made this lovely quilt for the Ballarat charity she supports so well. This is the front and back of a quilt for a boy. Boys' quilts are needed as most people make pretty qilts for girls. It is beautiful.

Janine brought along a doyley crocheted by her Grandmother. Still in perfect condition.

Also from Janine - a vintage Japanese fan. Her mother in law visited Japan many many years ago and brought this exquisite fron back with her - again it is in beautiful condition.

Janine brought one more item. This vintage style quilt the she made. Love the front AND the back.

Someone has been doig some lovely hand stitching. My notes have failed me once again - I was having too much fun!

Shirley , working on her pretty flowers. Love the range of fabrics.

And here is the woman herself - resplendant on her Bathurt retreat vest. Looking good Shirley x

Here she is again - holding her Bathurst retreat mug!

A collection of retreat lanyards and other retreat paraphenalia from me (Helen).

Another retreat item. I couldn't bring all my retreat bags - so I chose my favourite - not that I ever can manage to keep my ship together. This is from our cruise from Sydney to Morton Island and back - lots of lovely cocktails at that retreat.

Here is another Bathurst mug - this one from me. In case you are wondering, I am tying tea bag string together in preparation for knitting the scarf that was on display at the Mildura retreat. At the time I thought - NEVAH! - but in NZ this year I saw many people had made them and they all looked terrific. Progress pictures to follow.....

This lap rug was knitted by my great grandmother - as you can see it is backed by an old blanket. I tresure it always.

This is the middle of a chicken scratch style table cloth made for me by my grandmother. I have two. Can you believe that my sister was going to throw hers out - so naturally I grabbed it! Apologies for the lack of ironing but I took this pic inside and my iron is in my sewin shed! I think Grandma made them for each of us for our 20th birthdays - almost 44 years ago.

Last but not least from me - a collection of retreat mugs. I tend to use mine, so unfortunately, some of the early ones have been broken or the ones printed with gold have had their logo washed off.

Wyn brought along this most spectacular shashiko. It is so beautiful. There is still a little work to be done on it, but  WOW!

Marilyn L. has been working on this clam shell bag. Wonderful work and beautiful fabrics.

This was Jo's entry in the Waverly Quilt Show challenge "Birds of a Feather". As Jo is from across the ditch, she chose to do a NZ native wood pigeon - called Kereru. Beautifully done, as always, I reckon Jo should have won.

Virginia F brought along this great mug from the Launceson retreat. Very cute and also handy.

The challenge for our Townsville retreat was to make an apron - representing "From the rain forest to the ocean". This was Virginia's gorgeous entry - called "The Garden on Eden". Modesty prevents me from naming the winning apron, but it couldn't be there on the day because I had sent it to the Ballarat Apron festival!

Virginia L also brough along her mug from the very first retreat - you see what I mean about the gold logo. Virginia has obviously been more careful than me. I would say this one is very rare.

This remarkable crocheted quilt was made bu Deidre's gradmother. What a magnificent and special memento to have.

I apologise if I have left anything out. It was such a fantastic day, and not nearly long enough for us all to cach up with friends both old and new. Marita brough along her shop - which was great. Thank you so much Marita.
It was just a really lovely day - with many memories of mettings and retreats past. By the way our rereat for next year will take place on May at Uluhru. I have a strong feeling that it will be a very special retreat in such a sacred place to our first people. It is not too late to join us - e-mail or message me and I can give you the details of who to contact etc.

So, unitil we meet again next week - on Wednesday 4th of July (now that is a special date!),
that is all from your roving reporter.
Helen Evans

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