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Photo diary of the monthly meetings of Carrum Downs Scquilters (at the Carrum Downs Library/Community Centre) on the first Wednesday of each month. We are all members of the Australasian Quilting group Southern Cross Quilters. The Library/Community Centre is located on Lyrebird Crescent - just near the corner of Hall Road - Melway page 100 ref: H3 (see L for library at location. If you need more information e-mail me or phone 0417263958.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Special Bauble Headband Turorial

 Clear veterinary reminder from table

Make cup of tea (preferably early grey)

Ensure your audience is both attentive and sober

As you can see, all you need are a small/medium pack of small baubles (large balls tend to get int the way), a pair of old bluntish scissors, some curling ribbon. Ensure audience is attentive and sober - ah have all been milked (except for bull).

Time to ditch the tea - there is no need for the tutor to remain sober

Measure enough of the garden plastic stuff to go around your head - add quite a bit extra to twist closed when finished - more is better than less - you can always trim later. Measure and fold exactly at half way point.

Take a break and drink some some champagne

Start in the middle by threading baubles onto pre cut garden tie. You can either thread on as pictures, or tie each one on with some curling ribbon. If threading on, secure on either side with curling ribbon. If you are particularly anal, you can choose matching baubles and curling ribbon. I am not.

Oops! Time for a refill.

Keep adding until you have enough baubles to dazzle any Christmas event - ensure roughly even numbers on each end of your middles baubles.

Measure garden green stuff around you head and twist -very well- to secure. cut off excess.

Cover the un-baubled area (if you have any) with any wired, snazzy ribbon, such as this one, or florist's tape, by winding around the un-baubled area.

And there you have it .....almost.

It you have some snazzy tinsel you want to use instead (or are just tired and emotional), you can just measure off and twist to size, and then just wrap the sentinel around the garden twine - you will need to use a glue gun just to secure it every now and then.

Here we have a "volunteer" from the audience (he was out of shot earlier), modelling two examples of what can be done with the listed ingredients. You may need more or less champagne than me, but either way I hope I have listed everything. Of couse you are only limited by your imagination - bells, other ribbons, and all sorts of Christmas decorations can be added, if you like.

That's all for now.
Carrum Downs
Roving Reporter,
Helen Evans

If there are any mistakes, I am sure Melody will let you know and point you in the right direction.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

October 5th 2016 and November 2nd 2016

You may have noticed that I am a little (or in my case, a big) behind. Life seems to have got in the way, not to mention:
a. Our dog ate my notes
b. My notes were abducted by aliens
c. One or more or our three cats tore up my notes
d. All of the above.

Now that we have got that out of the way, some important reminders:
Quilts of Valour  Quilt in Saturday 26th November
All welcome - whether you are in the process of making a Quilt of Valour, or want to help sew on binding, cutting blocks  etc. Tasks can be selected when you arrive with your sewing machine. BYO lunch. Morning and afternoon tea provided.
Harkaway Hall, King Rd. Harkaway.
 More info? Wyn:95849512 Helen C. 97073535

Details for our Christmas Party December 7th
  Bring a small plate of food to share for lunch ( savoury preferably)
 For our Kris Kringle present swap we are swapping some nice Christmas Food instead of home made gifts this year (if you have already made a gift - don't worry, bring it anyway). Please wrap your gift.
There will be some exciting/questionable door prizes too, and an extremely interesting quiz - with an extremely interesting prize - both for first and last. And of course - if you made your bauble headband - instructed by the marvelous Melody in November, you must wear it. There will be a spare of two available and instructions for those who missed out.

October Show and tell

This was a kit I (Helen)  received in my sea shanty package from the lovely Lynely on our retreat cruise earlier this year. As you can see  I (well, actually DH Merv) has done a fabulous job to complete the beautiful little hedgehog. He enjoyed doing it so much, that he is back to cross stitching again, after many years break.

These little folk art birds are the result of a class with the lovely Elizabeth Armstrong. I made the felt the first week and the second week I cut out the birds and started to decorate them - not finished yet, but a great experience. The one with the most bling will be a Dame Edna bird.

 Dianne G has started working on this beautiful cross stitch - isn't it gorgeous? You will see how well she has progresses in our November show and tell.

The photos do not do this quilt justice. Wyn has arranged for one of these magnificent Dignity Quilts to be made for each of the Vasey RSL Nursing Homes.  All these quilts have been made by Scquilters and cover all three of our forces - Army, Navy and Air force. They are to be used for very special and emotional occasions in the nursing homes. Well done to all involved.

Marilyn L picked up this beautiful feed sack red work embroidery from Qulits in the Barn. A great buy from a splendid event.

This is magnificent embroidery work from Marilyn W, who did this project at the fabulous Berry quilt/craft weekend.

Wow, Marilyn W mustn't have had time for even a sip of champers at Berry! She also produced this exquisite felted scarf. Redundant in its splendour!

A fabulous charity quit made by Jo - just using her scraps. What a lovely design.

And yet another charity quilt for Ballarat Family Services from the lovely, generous Bev. Bev told us that she finds most of her scrap quilt idea on Pinterest. This one is a particular beauty.

Lyn is working on this beautiful bear Christmas stitchery. Almost finished and impossibly cute.

These great personalised cushions have been made by Sally for some of her many grandchildren. She uses a 16" square of fabric to start with and adds whatever fabric she feels would suit her grandchildren so she can use a 20/24" cushion insert from Spotlight. Even her 19 year old grandchild has requested one - it is a great idea for Christmas presents and, of course Sally makes them so well.

Hexagons? Of course it is Bar! These fabulous pieced hexies are from her new book. I have forgotten the title, but it is something like "Hexagons for the Completely Crazy"!

This ab fab diamond quilt is made by Laurel - everything about it is gorgeous - particularly the large centre diamond. I bet many of you would guess correctly that it is one of Di Ford's lovely patterns.

November Show and Tell

This was the wonderful result for Melody's request for Bags of Dignity for homeless women. I didn't count them, but there were lots there. Than you ladies.

This is a wind up Zombie. You may not know this, but Melody loves all things Zombie. This was found at Rochford Winery in the Yarra Ranges with her name on it, as a thank you for organising us all to bring the above donations.

Simone has been working on these 1" hexies forever. If you look closely, you will see some very clever fussy cutting. Simone then made them up - back and front, into a bag. I think the patter was from Noodle head, but, as Simone says, any suitable bag patter will do. Love the black fabric to off set the multi coloured hexies. Very good job Simone.

As mentioned in the October show and tell above - Sally is continuing with these beautiful, individual cushions for her numerous grandchildren. Close up, this one shows just how striking they are. Quite a fe of us mentioned that we were sure that we were Sally's grandchildren too - not sure she believed us!

Now, don't you just want to get out your chenille cutter again after all this time! Bar did and the result is beautiful. She put the Christmas panel on top and used three layers of calico underneath. What a magnificent result.

Not happy with just chenilling (is that a word? no? never mind), Bar also made these beautiful Christmas place mates - QAYG - using different shades of neutrals. Lovely.

Carol has stitched her way through this magnificent Christmas stitchery. Enlarge it to have a really good look at all the work. Not sure why she did it sideways though.

More lovely work done on Dianne G's cross stitch - looking good.

Melody ha to hold up her 4th border, to show us properly, just how lovely it is looking. Another Di Ford pattern - Rotherford Grange.

Again, you will need to have a closer look at Jennifer W's whole cloth quilting, but trust me, it is absolutely gorgeous.

I am in the midst of making Christmas mug rugs - they have changed a bit since then - I will bring them in next month.

This is a sweet little fabric basket I received at St. John's Quilters Cranbourne quilt -in. Isn't it cute?

Ramona thought so!

I tried it on the other side!

There has been talk of Christmas bauble head band ever since Melody wore her self designed one to last year's Christmas party (oops - that is one of the questions for our Christmas quiz - oh well, you'll all have forgotten by then). This year some of us were determined to join her, so we had a bauble head band lesson. It was much fun. This is Some lovely baubles here. I was having trouble - some of my balls were drooping - this will be rectified in time for our Christmas party - on Wednesday 7th of December. See details - read all the details at the beginning of this blog - TWICE.

See you on the 7th,
Your roving reporter,
Helen Evans


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