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Photo diary of the monthly meetings of Carrum Downs Scquilters (at the Carrum Downs Library/Community Centre) on the first Wednesday of each month. We are all members of the Australasian Quilting group Southern Cross Quilters. The Library/Community Centre is located on Lyrebird Crescent - just near the corner of Hall Road - Melway page 100 ref: H3 (see L for library at location. If you need more information e-mail me or phone 0417263958.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wednesday 6th July 2o11

I could go into great detail as to why our blog is late this month – I could mention that I downloaded the photos and then lost them in the computer, then DH found them for me, so  have decided I will take him to the Townsville retreat next year – then I posted the whole blog for July , complete with brilliant comments and lots of photos, then the blog for July disappeared – but I’ll spare you all the waffling and I won’t mention any of that….
So here at last is our Carrum Downs report (without brilliant comments as I have forgotten them by now) for July.
It was a dark and stormy night….oops wrong blog! It was a frigid winters day actually, but we were warm and snug in our special room ( yes Virginia I know it has padded walls, but that is for a very good reason).
Here we are – going about our business – which is talking, eating and stitching.
I should mention that earlier this year we  had a special day where a number of us worked on the Bedford Mystery Quilt – see previous month’s reports for photos of finished quilts. This quilt is designed by Leesa Siegel and the fabrics she chooses are just fantastic. We are planning on doing it again next year and if we get 15 or more participants, Leesa will come over and give us the benefit of her experience for the day. This would be wonderful – so please let us know if you are interested in joining us for this great and worthwhile project – the Bedford foundation helps disabled children in South Australia.
And here we have a ovely lot of show and tell:
This great mug bag pattern is available from our Sandra’s Shop – Foothills Fabric and Threads
for $5 – all proceeds going to Cancer research.

This is Pam’s hand pieced Dear Jane quilt top, which is VERY near completion. Pam’s work is just brilliant, as always and I am sure that we will see the finished quilt next month.

Robyn bought a $10 fabric pack from Leesa Chandler’s new Australian range of fabrics a couple of months ago and made THREE lovely items with the pack. What great value. Two are pictured here. The wall- hanging was also beautifully quilted with gum leaves and the sewing roll is just exquisite.

Here are two very pretty stitchery WIPs. The one with the heart is being done by Ginny – she got it at a special sewing day with Leanne Beasley and Rosalie Quinlan in the Yarra Valley. And the lovely Christmas redwork is the gorgeous work of Maggy.

Fran was working on a wall hanging for the Dog Rescue centre. A cocker spaniel and three other dogs. The picture didn’t work (our photographer Ramona sends her regards from the Gulag), but I am sure we will get to see it when it is finished – perhaps next month.

Here we have a fabulous “I spy” quilt for young Phoenix, made by Jo – whose quilts always have that special something – and this one is no exception. He is a very lucky boy.

Sylvia Cynthia has made these delightful place mats, with matching mug rugs, and what a pretty choice of fabrics.

Hermione’s “Toothbrush Rug” took us all back in time to when our mothers/grandmothers had one of these at the kitchen sink or the back door. They are so named because the designer originally used to toothbrush to join all the fabrics together – now there is a special tool – of course we all wanted one, and if you do too, the details are here:

What, you may ask is this? Well, it is in fact a beautiful scarf. Made by Wyn or was it Bar??? Hard to tell because there was a lot of knitting going on with various lessons and serious knitting taking place. The kits for these are available from Lincraft for $10. Instructions are on the Lincraft website – it is a fascinating method of putting the scarf together and I almost wished that I knitted myself.
Jennifer brought along this magnificent block from a BOM at Anne Marie’s shop in Mentone. The fabrics are striking and go together brilliantly. I THINK that the other picture if of Jennifer working on another block – but it could be Alison (who surprised us by turning up from Singapore for the day – and a lovely surprise it was!)

This beautiful scrap quilt was made by a very welcome new member – Julie joined us for the first time and impressed us greatly with her work on this quilt, which she machine quilted herself and her husband made the Perspex templates for the quilt as well.
As well as Julie Frances joined us for the first time as well – so welcome Frances too.

A Christmas star decoration – made by me. It was very easy and a lot of fun putting it together.

And, for no reason at all, here are three of our animals. Simba the cat, Milo the dog and Elizabeth the daughter hiding in the background!
That is all for July – see you all on Wednesday August 3rd.
from your roving reporter,
Helen Evans
Devon Meadows, Vic

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